Making it Girl.


Discovery Centre, Winchester.

At the ‘Making It‘ project I adopted the character of ‘The Making Girl’ and created a floor to wall installation as ‘artist in residence’. The project and three day celebration where held at the Discovery Centre, Winchester.

As ‘The Making Girl’ I explored how identity and ‘making’ are central to my practice. I took my work beyond my studio to a public space, demonstrating my skills and problem solving. As ‘The Making Girl’ was physically immersed in the work, for public gaze and engagement.

‘The Making Girl’ used paper dollies, sweet wrappers, table mats, family hair, haberdashery and fabric, she embroidered, stitched, threaded, bound, arranged, collaged and constructed. By embellishing and making beautiful her world she was attempting to give order with her carefully selected invaluable objects and materials. Amongst her found objects were ‘the pinhead girls’, with their elaborate skirts, her helpers and alter ego’s. ‘The Making Girl’ sat on small chairs as she worked, she became trapped in the installation by a web of wool.

As ‘The Making Girl’ I explored why people ‘make’; the conditions that facilitate ‘making’; the mental shifts when seeing is followed by hand action; the thinking and the intuition that occur and how this accesses a different mode of being at a conscious level. My evidence was my own engagement and absorption in ‘making’; when the brain stops editing and allows a new way of ‘making’ and possibly of being.

Photographs by Artist and Tom Price.

Funded by Hampshire County Council, a.n, Arts Council England, Winchester City Council, The Radcliffe Trust, Real- World Learning and making space.