The Folding Room.


‘Room’, Faversham, Kent.

I was resident in ‘Room’ as a fictional character : ‘The Folding Girl’. Her sole activity was to fold white linen, this was a futile, intense and solitary undertaking and the result was a claustrophobic space filled with piles of linen. The intention was to explore repetition, domesticity and the use of fabric when caring for for people.

As a girl at boarding school I remember the laundry was delivered clean, fresh and folded in large wicker baskets. Dirty, soiled sheets and towels would be returned to the laundry in the same way. We played and hid in the baskets and were taught the importance of hospital corners and folding your clothes on your chair at bedtime. Today I still endlessly fold and put away.

Faversham Linen Services, a local family owned business that provides linen and workwear services, contributed seconds and distressed, stained linen to the ”The Folding Girl’s” residency.

Photographs by Artist and Chris Diamond.