Zee zine.


Ebb & Flow Festival, Estuary 2o21.

My favourite shop in the Medway towns is Zee Fashions and Fabrics. Everything about the shop is perfect, the name, the window and when I enter the shop my heart sings. Sitting, immersed in the fabulous rolls of fabric and trays of exciting haberdashery I drew and collaged, while Zee and Hellile greeted customers, with their tailoring, designing  and working at their sewing machines.

Zee’s shop is a vital creative and cultural business on the High Street at Chatham Intra, my fanzine celebrates the shops vibrance, community and its importance as part of the present day story of Chatham Intra.

Ebb & Flow Festival, May 2021, celebrating Chatham Intra’s people, buildings, river and stories as part of Estuary 2o21.

Thank you to Zee and Hellile.